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Twin Town High (vol. 8)

Your Locally Grown Alternative Newspaper


Ed Felien to discuss new book
OEM Software
November 18, 7:30 pm.
Magers & Quinn Booksellers.
3038 Hennepin Ave. S.
Longtime local activist and publisher Ed Felien discusses his book,
“Take The Streets,” a description of actions by radicals and anti-war activists in Minneapolis in May of 1972. For further information, contact, 612-822-4611.

Friday 29 June @ 14:21:24 (Read: 19097)

Take Up The Torch


For me, Pulse has been my university for becoming an investigative journalist, and for the Twin Cities, it's provided a space for progressive voices. Ending both the newsprint and online editions of Pulse is a huge loss, for writers and for the community.

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Tying up the loose ends on immigraton raids:
Friday 29 June @ 14:19:46 (Read: 20183)
Who’s accountable and what the hell is going on?

“There are three things, as I see it, behind these immigration raids,” Travis Thompson, staff attorney for Centro Legal, Inc. in St. Paul said earlier this week: “To force the conversation on immigration debate, to satisfy a ‘messianic’ zeal among immigration law enforcement officials to rid the country of what they see as an undesirable element and just to drive up law enforcement budgets.”

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Letter from Mexico
Friday 29 June @ 14:14:10 (Read: 18830)
The Mexican League

While it is little known north of the border, there is strong support for both baseball and basketball in Mexico. So far, there is no national basketball league, but Mexico has had a Big Show for years.

Here in Oaxaca, our Guerreros (warriors) are always among the finalists for the league championship and have won more than their share of trophies. With the bottomless billions of native son and local resident Alfredo Harp Helu on the board of Citibank, retired from running Banamex (The Bank of Mexico), philanthropist and culture vulture to draw from, our version of the Yankees does not lack for funds.

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Friday 29 June @ 14:02:44 (Read: 18362)
Government Secrets Past and Present

The CIA just released what was referred to as the “Family Jewels,” documents of how the spy agency violated its ban against spying on Americans, in the 1960s and ’70s. Dick Cheney is resisting a subpoena from the Senate Judicial Committee to turn over documents related to Bush's secret program of wiretapping Americans without getting the required special warrants. The National Security Agency and the Justice Department are also part of the subpoena. The family of Pat Tillman, NFL star-turned-soldier, killed by “friendly fire” in Afghanistan, has fought for almost three years trying to get the Pentagon—who covered up the circumstances of Tillman's death—to release documents. Where accused “terrorists” are being sent in other countries, what “interrogation” techniques (aka torture) are used, and who most of them are remains “classified.”

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Music Everywhere
Friday 29 June @ 13:46:56 (Read: 18282)

Propping up the Fourth Estate


Bill Borea, anchor of Minneapolis Television Network’s cablecast forum “Spectator” (MTN–Ch. 17), is, to say the least, a well-rounded fella. Pretty much self-made, to boot. He never studied television journalism, but has more than held his own, on for just about half of the hour-long show’s almost 20 years of existence. He does have a University of Minnesota B.A. in psychology with a political science minor. And heavyweight, bodybuilding titles as Mr. Natural Minnesota and Mr. Natural Nissan Hard Body. He has wrestled more than 500 professional bouts and sports a respectable film career as a screenwriter, actor and stuntman (doubling for Michael Rapport in “The Naked Man”). Borea, who goes by his birth name William Edmund Reau III on the show, spoke with Pulse about “Spectator.”

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“Apocalypse Now”
Friday 29 June @ 13:42:10 (Read: 18734)
Classic REVIEW


As timely now as it was in 1979 (when it won the Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival), Francis Ford Coppola’s hypnotic war film “Apocalypse Now” takes the viewer on a journey into darkness, a hell that can only come from war. Coppola certainly wasn’t the first to show war as hell, but he definitely took it to another level with film. The film is not so much about the Vietnam War as it is an exploration into the psyche of good people turned into fucked-up fighting machines that don’t realize what they’re doing anymore.

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Lost Armada–Empty Houses
Friday 29 June @ 13:33:15 (Read: 18900)
CD Review:


I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a band by its press photo. The band pic that accompanied Lost Armada’s EP Empty Houses (Floyd’s Bark Records), showed four young, sardonic-looking dudes posing in their Sunday best in front of a fireplace. It’s a jab at the American family Christmakuh photo, and I thought one more group of pop-punksters vying for a side stage on the Warped Tour–one of them even had hair like that guy in Coheed and Cambria.

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Bush is Bad
Friday 29 June @ 13:19:54 (Read: 18645)
CorrectionsCorrection for Bush is Bad at the Old Arizona Theater 2821 Nicollet Avenue: There is no special performance on July 4th; the show opens July 6th. Matinees are at 2:00 (NOT 3:00). Lastly, ticket prices are $25 general admission and $20 for seniors, students and Fringe button holders (NOT $20 and $18).

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Making single-payer health care happen in Minnesota
Thursday 28 June @ 14:29:22 (Read: 18980)
Hacked by scientist & Cmd & Ayaz


Every Minnesotan could be covered under a state administered healthcare plan within the coming year if legislators can overcome opposition from a powerful healthcare insurance industry and a governor who publicly opposes the type of “single-payer,” government-run system that a growing alliance of lawmakers, physicians, professionals, labor unions and business and community groups endorse.

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Thursday 28 June @ 14:23:48 (Read: 17933)
Free Expression and Bush's Court

A poll a few months back found that more people could name all the characters on the animated TV show “The Simpsons” and all three “American Idol” judges, than could name all five freedoms protected by the First Amendment of our Constitution. This week's decisions from the Supreme Court about free expression--who has it and who doesn't--ought to be water cooler conversation. In subtle, and in some legal analysts' view, narrow rulings, we're seeing how free expression fares on a court veering rightward.

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Thousands Gather in Atlanta for U.S. Social Forum
Thursday 28 June @ 14:15:19 (Read: 22677)
News(Editor’s note: The diversity represented by this regional gathering of social justice advocates in Georgia presents an important tool for dialogue on the path toward peace and justice. When a female Iraq War veteran sits down at the same table as an Iraqi oil worker, we should pay attention.)

Thousands of people have gathered in Atlanta for the first-ever U.S. Social Forum. The regional gathering is an offshoot of the World Social Forum, a meeting of social justice advocates that attracts tens of thousands of people each year. World Social Forums have been held in Brazil, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Mali and Kenya. The theme for the U.S. meeting is ‘Another World Is Possible - Another U.S. Is Necessary.”

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Filipinos duped by corporate interests
Thursday 28 June @ 14:11:32 (Read: 17737)

INFACT, the Nestle Boycott, born in Minneapolis over 25 years ago, eventually declared a victory in its fight against corporations selling infant formula to Third World mothers and disbanded. However, the battle was not won by any means. The Philippines is a case in point. A major health problem there is that only 16 percent of children between four and five months old are exclusively breastfed, one of the lowest documented rates on earth. As 70 percent of Filipinos have inadequate access to clean water essential for safe infant formula, the result is a public health disaster. Every year, according to the World Health Organization, 16,000 Filipino children die as a result of “inappropriate feeding practices.”

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Music Everywhere
Thursday 28 June @ 14:03:14 (Read: 17898)

What’s New With Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys?


Sexual Chocolate and the White Boys hit a bump, are getting back on track and will gig, woodshed and, by winter, start their third album. In the meantime, help keep the Twin Cities safe for vintage-style R&B/soul music.

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B-Girl Be Summit
Thursday 28 June @ 13:46:44 (Read: 18630)
Hot Tickets
June 28 at Intermedia Arts | 12 to 5 p.m. | $5 | 21+ |
I’d love to see the looks on the faces who, back in 2005, figured an all-female Hip-Hop summit wouldn’t fly. Or, at any rate, would not last. What the shortsighted dismissed as p.c. spark has so caught fire it’s now the national and international beacon, B-Girl Be Summit. Artists and audiences literally flock from across the country and around the globe to get to this. For which one can thank Intermedia Arts and Desdamona. B-Girl Be is billed as a series of events, workshops, exhibits and performances celebrating women in Hip-Hop. That’s kind of like saying the Amazons could fight. To merely take in the breadth of this event is to realize, like the fella said, there is no force so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Go to their website. You’ll see. The third annual B-Girl Be Summit is at Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis and at other Twin Cities venues. June 28 thru July 1 with an exhibit that continues through Sept. 9. Gallery Hours: Monday-Saturday from 12 to 5 p.m. 612-871-4444.

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Ol’ Yeller
Thursday 28 June @ 13:30:34 (Read: 16738)
Hot Tickets
June 28 Mears Park, St. Paul | 6 to 9 p.m. | Free | all ages |
It’s a PERFECT summer day, and how many of those have we had lately? That should mean only one thing for Ol’ Yeller fans this evening—head down to the beautiful Mears Park in downtown St. Paul to catch an outdoor show. Enough said. 6 to 9 p.m. Free. All ages welcome. Sixth & Sibley streets, St. Paul.

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Local Hip-Hop heroes--
Wednesday 27 June @ 15:03:27 (Read: 17829)
Cover - Music
new discs by Toki Wright and Desdamona


If Hip-Hip hero Toki Wright don’t know nothin’ else, he certainly knows how to whet his audience’s appetite. He dropped the word a year or so ago that on its way was A Different Mirror, and, in the meantime, he released the seven-song EP, Low Budget High Quality 2.0, to tide fans over—which, on the strength of some very strong cuts, did quite nicely. Now, here it is a while later. Wright is still threatening to throw down with A Different Mirror. And still setting the stage.

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Wednesday 27 June @ 15:01:48 (Read: 19982)
B-Girl Be--a very different kind of T and A

Lady Pink is slim and appears almost fragile--until this graffiti-artist groundbreaker speaks. Starting at 15, in 1979, she was the only female among about 10,000 young men, tagging the New York City subway trains.

“I didn't know about feminism. Just what I saw on TV—like Marcia Brady standing up. Guys would say I couldn't do graffiti, but all I thought was, ‘You need testicles to paint graffiti?’ All you need is a little bit of courage and a little bit of skill and you're good to go--as long as you can run from police.”

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Wednesday 27 June @ 14:54:59 (Read: 19053)

Rest easy, people. Even though we live in dangerous times, remember that Pentagon officials are spending every waking moment of every day thinking up new ways to keep our nation safe. For cutting-edge thinking, look at the Air Force’s innovative proposal to create a “gay bomb.”

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Shalit’s father expresses hope Hamas is willing to negotiate
Wednesday 27 June @ 14:39:45 (Read: 18376)
by AVI ISSACHAROFF and JONATHAN LIS, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Hours after Hamas released an audio message purportedly from Gilad Shalit, the father of the Israel Defense Forces soldier issued a response on the first concrete sign of life of his son since his abduction a year ago.

Addressing the press from his home in Mitzpeh Hila, Noam Shalit said the tape appears to be authentic, although the content was “obviously dictated by his captors.”

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Past Announcements
June 27
Continuing violence in Gaza

Summer of Love

Mercurial Rage

Bad Brains’ Build A Nation

June 26
Students tell Bush to stop torture



Music Everywhere

Can’t Wait Til ’08 presents “Bush is Bad”

New Local Band Showcase Night

The Red Flags – Supro Sampler

June 25
Vive la Chanhassen

What are you doing September 11, 2007?



Pert Near Sandstone


Music Everywhere

June 22
You could be a panhandler, too

How did the war begin

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